Hello! My name is POSITIVE PERUMAL K and I’m the creator of DIGITAL MARKETING INTENSIVE workshop series in India and an author of the upcoming book “WHO DO KNOW, YOU HAVE A WEBSITE”.

Having hands on Experience in the fields of Leadership, Management, Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, Software, Online Branding, Peak Performance, Personal Branding, Training & Development, etc.

I first discovered to the sales and marketing industry in 2001, while I was still studying my Software Graduate in a leading Indian university and first viewed it as a part-time sort of thing which I could invest some time into on the side. I know they all start out that way and I’m not going to give you some rosy story about how it changed my life (although it actually did and I’ll come to that soon)

Its an door-to-door marketing type of selling books and dictionaries in the streets of Chennai. I never like the Job, as a IT Student it was very stranger to me to sound every door on a street and I feel very shame to sell. I was hate my tasks, unfortunately, my family situation I need the money for my further studies, the only choice in front of me is Sell something to earn something.

Within weeks of field work with the Book Selling company, I realized one thing the world is running, the riches were born and growing always, the earth is rounded through only on Selling something.

When I start selling first time, I had fear(s) of rejecting, speaking, asking and accepting… ing… ing… ing… slowly I start to love my sales profession because over a period of time the above said fears were gone, out of my way. After some research, visiting of many seminars, reading articles and some worthy books and attending many workshops presented by South India’s leading Trainers, Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Business Magnets. I was personally consumed and feel about the Contents they were covered through my energy level changed on my day by day activities.

Meanwhile, from my busy 9 to 6 job as as Software professional I felt and I realized it is not enough to fulfill my dreams. Also, the studies were completed in Schools and Colleges are not met to fulfill my desires & achieve some big dreams. Since that was the case, I needed a method of becoming a Entrepreneur and wanted one with a very low barrier to entry, I chooses the Internet Marketing as a part time career.

Initially I tried many paid click, paid to sign-up, paid to survey kind of programs, but I not get nothing but little bit. And I continued my research on how to earn online. Then I fall in to affiliate marketing, like everyone starts from Adsense, CJ, Bidvertiser, etc., Now, I earn little bit more. But I still focus on my time software Job.
I resigned my full time job on March 2010, and I support to leading educational Institute in Chennai for their marketing operations through Digital Marketing Channels. My friend and Director of the Institution Mr. Keshavan encouraged me to discover the all strategies, new ways and secrets of the Digital Marketing.
Because that time, we spend in lakhs for Google for Online Marketing. But, after doing the many case studies and research we started our own digital marketing strategy. We work hard and applied on few of our web sites. Within 3 months of period, we bring our website to the top of the Google for 5 to 10 keywords. Started to get more inquiries through Google. After the incident we got more confident on the Internet Marketing.
Every entrepreneur facing the same problem as we faced earlier to bring their business and show to the world. Then we started separate division for Digital Marketing Services and one more exclusive division for Digital Marketing Training.
This is story for starting the “DIGITAL MARKETING INTENSIVE” workshop.

March 2010 we started and till I consulted and coached more than 100+ clients in the past 6 years. I conducted the 10+ workshops/ seminars to Various Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges, Arts & Science Colleges and Many Individuals entrepreneurs through out Tamil Nadu.

My focus is on being the Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach to help people like you to maximize their potential and peak performers. My dream is to facilitate at-least 10,000 people for achieving peak performance state and maximize their business growth by 2020, achieving this, I’m proud to be a part of 2020 vision of our great leader Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.


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