The Truth about Master Reseller and Private Label Rights Offers

Youve seen the ads and websites, right? Make $10,000 a day from home. Never work again! Guaranteed Income for Life! Of course you believed every word of it right?

If you did, you are not alone. Everyday countless internet marketing newbies plop down good cash to purchase the Master Reseller Rights or Private Label Rights to some product. Unfortunately, most of that money was wasted, and very few people will actually recoup the money they spent.

Simply put, Master Reseller Rights or Private Label Rights Offers provide you a product, such as a series of eBooks or a software product. More importantly they also give you the right to re-label and or resell those products to others, including the resell rights. You buy Product A with Master Reseller Rights. Your then resell (get it?) the same product to someone else, also giving them reseller rights. They in turn resell the product and on and on.

So are Reseller Offers fake or even bad? The answer is a resounding it depends. The depends in this case is how the Resell product is used by the buyer. A buyer who purchases Resell…

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